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How Crown Alert Works

The Crown Alert consists of two limit switches mounted in the crown section of the derrick. The lower switch sounds an alarm near the drillers' console when activated, warning the drillers that the blocks have reached a predetermined height in the derrick. A second switch is mounted a short distance above the alarm switch. When it is switched, it disengages the hoisting clutch and engages the brake. Once one or both switches are engaged, they remain activated until the blocks are lowered. Then they reset automatically.

Reduce The Risk Of Crown Strikes

  • Reliable & economical approach to derrick safety
  • Fast to install & easy to operate with very low maintenance
  • Rugged enough to handle any drilling operation
  • Has an early buzzer warning
  • Resetting & recalibration are eliminated
  • No more wobble stick
  • There is never any need to reset the Crown Alert limits

Audible & Visual Warnings

Crown Alert has switches in the derrick making it impossible to hit the top of the derrick and crown out. Crown Alert provides a loud buzzer to alert the driller that he is approaching the crown. He knows exactly how much room he has until the drum clutch is disengaged and the brakes are applied. Injuries from the brake handle will be virtually eliminated. If you require a few more inches after engaging the brake, an override button can be pushed with only one hand on the button.

Self Diagnostic & Expandable

All of the limit switches are wired "fail safe". A broken wire or switch will indicate an alarm, requiring repair. The units are all Epcor inspected and approved. The Crown Alert system has proven to be extremely reliable and low maintenance. Parts are locally available and can be changed in the field by rig hands. All of the control panels come equipped with extra plugs capable of processing other alarms. Your equipment and crew will be safer with The Crown Alert System.

Mustang Controls and Crown Alert Offer More Than Just A Crown Saver

  • Floor Saver
  • Low Boiler Pressure
  • Eaton / Baylor Brake Monitor
  • Torque Makeup
  • Accumulator / Bop Monitor
  • Pipe Rams Closed Monitor

Easy Add Ons!

Oil Alert - Hydraulic pump shut down and warning due to low oil reservoir. Avoid expensive pump repairs.
Fuel Alert - Avoid unscheduled power failures. Alerts the rig crew to low fuel condition.
Engine Room Alert - Monitors all critical functions.

Our newest product, Top Drive Anti-Collision System!!!

Mustang Controls provides an anti- collision system to work in conjunction with your Crown Alert Crown Saver and apply the brakes to avoid a collision.

Read More About Our Optional Alarms

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