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Clients Who Use Crown Alert Crown Saver On Their Drilling Rigs

Safety Equipment for Drilling Rig Derricks Drilling Rig Crown Saver System

Your equipment and crew will be safer with The Crown Alert System. Crown Alert builds a safer and more secure worksite by eliminating hazards wherever possible. Our travelling block alarm system for drilling rigs has been used on land and offshore since 1997.

Trinidad Drilling (1100 m capacity)

"The Crown Alert System doesn't change our operation one bit but now we can work with the comfort of safety."

Akita Drilling Rig 44UE (6700 m capacity)

"When working with the blocks close to the crown, my eyes are focused on the drill string or the weight indicator. The buzzer alarm is a great way to know how close the blocks are to the crown. I know exactly how much more room I have."

Akita Drilling Rig 8 (900 m capacity)

"We often have a problem with line double-spooling on the drum, which can play havoc with conventional crown savers. But not with the Crown Alert, since it's only concerned with the block location."

Jomax Drilling Rig 4UE (5160 m capacity)

"My crews and I love the Crown Alert system. You can't turn it off. You can't bypass. You can't forget to set it."

Jomax Drilling

"I love the Crown Alert system. I haven’t had a single service call in 8 years and no crown incidents."

Partial Client List

  • Akita Drilling (over 35 units)
  • Akita/Equtak (entire fleet)
  • Jomax Drilling (entire fleet)
  • Big Sky Drilling Div. of Ensign Drilling
  • Excalibur Drilling
  • Lakota Drilling - (entire fleet)
  • Panther Drilling (entire fleet)
  • Impact Drilling (entire fleet)
  • Red Dog Drilling (entire fleet)
  • Advance Drilling (entire fleet)
  • Precision Drilling Int. (India, Venezuela, Mexico, Iran, offshore)
  • Trinidad Drilling
  • Chinook Drilling
  • Champion Drilling
  • Stoneham Drilling
  • Beaver Drilling
  • Patterson-UTI Drilling Company
  • Unit Drilling USA
  • Betts Drilling (entire fleet)
  • CanElson Drilling (entire fleet)
  • Stampede Drilling (entire fleet)
  • Vortex Drilling (entire fleet)
  • Quinterra Drilling
  • Savanna Drilling (entire fleet)
  • Horizon Drilling
  • Apexindo Indonesia
  • Crusader Drilling (entire fleet)
  • Ensign Drilling
  • Western Energy

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