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Crown Alert Crown Saver System & Optional Alarms

All of the control panels come equipped with extra plugs capable of processing other alarms, such as low boiler pressure, floor saver, trip tank overfill, Eaton/Baylor brake monitor, accumulator pumps/BOP monitor, torque makeup and telescopic derrick extension limit, and more.

Crown Saver & Early Warning Buzzer

  • Lower limit early warning buzzer provided on all triple rigs and some doubles.
  • Brake is engaged and clutch is out when upper limit switch is triggered.
  • Alarm and Light also on.
  • Override button available but cannot be switched off. Push and hold to Bypass
  • Automatically resets.
  • Wired fail-safe. Self diagnostic "Ready Light".

Top Drive Anti-Collision System * NEW *

Mustang Controls provides an anti-collision system to work in conjunction with your Crown Alert Crown Saver and apply the brakes to avoid a collision. The anti-collision system provides an adjustable window of protection around the monkey board but still allows for a full range of movement when picking up from the mouse hole.
The Anti-collision System can easily be added to your existing Crown Alert System and can be installed during a rig move..

Eaton or Baylor Brake Monitor Option

  • Monitors the discharge flow in the cooling loop
  • Can also monitor discharge temperature with an additional probe
  • Alarm and Light due to the critical nature of this failure
  • Can be wired fail-safe.

B.O.P. Saver Option

  • Crown saver is activated when certain BOP rams are closed.
  • Unplug for well control situation or hold bypass button to raise or strip
  • Brake is on, clutch is out. Alarm and Light also.
  • Normally non fail safe. Can be wired fail-safe.

Floor Saver Option on Top Drives

  • Available for top drive systems.
  • Brake is on and clutch is out. Alarm and Light also.
  • Wired Fail-safe.

Boiler Pressure Monitor Option

  • Monitors boiler pressure at an adjustable level ( i.e.: 50 psi)
  • Indicator Light first. Has an override button that then triggers a cycling alarm.

Accumulator Monitor Option

  • Light comes on when Accumulator Pump starts.
  • If pump runs longer than set time, the alarm sounds to alert the driller.

Telescoping Extension Monitor

  • Alarms and brakes when full extension is reached

Additional Add-Ons To Your Crown Alert Crown Saver!

  • Oil Alert - Hydraulic pump shut down and warning due to low oil reservoir. Avoid expensive pump repairs.
  • Fuel Alert - Avoid unscheduled power failures. Alerts the rig crew to low fuel condition.
  • Engine Room Alert - Monitors all critical functions.
  • Torque Makeup
  • Pipe Rams Closed Monitor

Crown Alert Keeps Your Equipment and Crew Safe

Crown Alert Crown Saver System set a new standard for crown safety in the oilfield. Over 50 contractors and over 500 rigs rely on Crown Alert to keep their crews and equipment safe. Designed by rig hands in 1997 the Crown Alert Crown Saver has 18 years of field proven reliability.

"My crews and I love the Crown Alert system. You can't turn it off. You can't bypass. You can't forget to set it." - Jomax Drilling

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